Brittany palets and galettes

Assorted palets & galettes

Pont-Aven metal box

Weight: 480g

“In Brittany, there is the sea… and cookies”


Bite into a palet or a galette and let yourself be carried away by the generous taste of these marvelous round and golden wonders, deliciously crisp and exquisitely tender.

A craving for something sweet at tea time? Treat yourself to one of these cookies to embellish an ice cream, a mousse or a pudding. Brittany palets and galettes will never cease to amaze you.


Paysage de Bretagne

Brittany offers delicious salted butter cookies. Salted butter is an essential ingredient of the local cuisine that sailors would take on their long journeys.

True emblems of Brittany, palets and galettes are delicious cookies. In the Middle Ages they were called ”biscuits” because these cookies are baked twice (in French: bis = twice, cuit = cooked).

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