Chocolate fondue


(3 or 4 persons)

Ideal for a summer dessert, a child’s snack or to finish a barbecue with friends; the chocolate fondue will quickly become a “must” at all your parties. A sweet contrast of hot and cold, a delicious smell of melted chocolate, a delightful mix of the chocolate’s aroma delicately enhancing the fla-vor of fresh fruit.

Each new bite is a sweet surprise.

Compared with glass jars, the stonwear tumbler keeps the chocolate warm and melted much longer.

Serving suggestions:

Remove the lid and put in the microwave-oven on low level for 30 seconds 3 or 4 times to avoid burning the chocolate or in a « bain-marie » (hot water in a pan)for 15/20 minutes. Stir well with a spoon several times to get a smooth texture. Dip pieces of fresh fruits (bananas,strawberries,apples,grapes,cherries,pineapple…)or biscuits,croissants,brioche,crispy beard or dried fruit (figs,apricots,almonds,nuts,hazelnuts….)

The special stonewear jar keeps the chocolate fondue warm and melted on your table for 45 minutes minimum.

May be kept and reheated until finished.

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