Rum baba

Box 3 babas with extra rum


Weight : 720g

We have selected for you a rum baba with three individual servings.

Made according to the same recipe since 1894, it is a baba with a moist and tender texture as well a robust and distinctive aroma. Always delicious.

Serve it fresh (but not refrigerated) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or “crème anglaise”….

This is a cake prepared for the main religious holidays (Christmas or Easter) since time immemorial. But it was Stanislas, King of Poland and Duke of Lorraine, who introduced it to France at the beginning of the18th century.

It was basically a Kugelhof imbibed with Tokay wine that he served to his guests in his Luneville castle. But it was in Paris, in 1735, that the Parisian pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer, a descendant of King Stanislas’s Polish pastry chef, made a specialty of this dessert by replacing the Tokay wine with rum.

Diderot mentions it for the first time under the name of “baba” in a letter to Sophie Volland.

Weight 0.25 g
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