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Blackcurrant Candy – 100g


box of 100g – « Mulot et Petitjean »

The tradition of sweets and candy-making is very ancient in Europe, particularly in France where the confectioners were also called “merchants of pleasure”. Their function was an important part of the luxury goods trade, and kings were prone to exhibit the refinement of their Court by offering to their guests the best sweets and candies. Confectioners were considered very important figures for the prestige of the monarch. In 1245 King Louis IX called for an adjournment of all battles between Advent and Christmas as this was the busiest period for confectioners. At the time this was called ‘God’s Truce’ but later it has become known as ‘The Confectioners Truce’. 

Town of Dijon


Blackcurrant-filled honey candies are a traditional, sweet and fruity confectionery. Combining honey and blackcurrant is typical of Burgundy, a region where blackcurrant is a classic ingredient of local gastronomy. You will be overwhelmed by the sweetness of a honey-flavored cover that will smoothly melt into a heart of soft blackcurrant paste.

The blackcurrant sweets that we found for you are made in the traditional manner for gourmet authenticity. Any moment is good to offer – or treat yourself to – the little parenthesis of pleasure which is at the heart of every old-style Blackcurrant Candy.

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