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20 Calissons de Provence


20 pieces – « Diane de Poytiers » – 280g

The first time “Calisson” was mentioned in text was in the 12th century. An Italian Middle Age text written in Latin used the word “calisson” to refer to a sweet almond cake. We can also find another reference in the Venetian Chronicles (1275). This confectionery is now well known in some regions once owned by the Venetians like Crete where it is called “Kalitsounia”. 

Later Calissons were brought to King Rene’s court in Provence around 1453 by his Italian chief confectioner who organised trading between France and Italy. This is how, during King Rene’s reign, Calissons became synonymous with Aix en Provence. The term “Calisson”, as we know it now, first appeared in the Provençal language in the early 1500s.

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Aix en Provence

Why did Calissons make Aix en Provence famous around the world? You’ll find the answer by savouring an authentic Calisson. You first taste the light, white crunchy icing followed by a meltingly soft combination of subtly balanced flavours of fruity candied melon and orange peel and you are finally left with the lingering taste of delicious almond paste.  

We have chosen for you the best traditional and authentic recipes giving you a sophisticated gourmet pleasure. 

Our Calissons bring you Provence at its best. 

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