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Originally, orangettes and citronettes were Christmas treats. Their production started on the first Sunday after Advent and ended on January 31st. Today orangettes and citronettes are enjoyed all year round from January 1st till December 31st to the delight of all candy lovers.

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Dark chocolate and citrus

The oranges and lemons are peeled, soaked and then cooked in a copper cauldron before being candied in syrup for more than four hours. Afterwards the strips of fruit are rolled one by one in sugar. Then comes the chocolate coating when the temperature of the chocolate must be precisely controlled and careful surveillance by the master chocolate maker is crucial.

Bite into an orangette or a citronette and liberate the subtle cocktail of the light bitterness of the lemon or orange and the sweetness of sugar to finally be overwhelmed by the delicate chocolate flavor. Orangettes and citronettes transform an after dinner coffee into a luxuriously refined moment of intense pleasure. 

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