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Etriers Normands


Box of 24 pieces – “Glatigny”

In Normandy horses are a part of life. Domestic horses have existed there since the Bronze Age. For many years in this land of traditions the horse has been a passion. No surprise then that the local gastronomic interest in horses inspires treasures of sophistication such as the famous sweets ‘Les Etriers Normands’ (Normandy Stirrups). 

The Mont-Saint-Michel


You can only find Normandy Stirrups in the county of Orne. They are elaborate handmade candies made of dark or milk chocolate filled with praline almonds for the sweetness and thin ‘feuilletine’ for a delicious crunchy sensation. This subtle harmony is a secret recipe known only to confectioner members of the Etriers Normands Association. Each box of candies holds an equal amount of dark and milk chocolates. Different horses’ heads are shown on each chocolate and on every box is the Etriers Normandy Association motto – “Whether at a trot or a gallop, albeit very smoothly… Discover Orne County with the Normandy Stirrups “. 

Those of you looking for sophisticated pleasure will appreciate the carefully balanced flavour of this delicious sweet chocolate . 

Weight 0.35 g