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Fruits confits


Vannerie « La Paille » – 250g

In 1348, Ausias Maseta, Pope Clement the 6th’s master confectioner, came up with the idea of cooking the fruits that abounded in the Luberon region, to create what they called back then “dry jam”. Candied fruits (fruits confits) were born!

In 1365, the town consuls offered candied fruits to an illustrious guest, Pope Urbain the 5th, who came to Apt to visit Elzéar de Sabran’s tomb.
In 1752, there were only six confectioners in the city. Today Apt is considered the world’s capital of candied fruits.



Apt, France

It takes at least ten days to prepare the best candied fruit.

Through his patience and expertise the confectioner will create this tender and unique delicacy with its distinctive flavor you will find nowhere else.

First of all he chooses the best-looking fruit. He carefully washes them, brushes them and then totally immerses them in syrup for an entire day.

Finally he adds a little sugar to the syrup, covers the fruit, and once again lets them dry naturally.

This process is repeated again and again the following days. Thus, slowly, layer after layer, the flesh of the fruit is imbibed with the syrup; the aromas of the fruit and sugar merge completely and become one.

The last step consists of a long and slow drying in an oven at 50 degrees C. Not more not less.

Enjoy all year long the rich flavors of these southern fruits, naturally sweetened and gorged with sunshine and in this way impart a festive flavor to all those moments that you would like to make unique.

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