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Lace crêpes, milk and dark chocolate or nature


tin box 200g milk and dark chocolate (22,40$) or tin box 170g nature (19,65$)

The origin of the lace crêpe recipe remains uncertain. In 1835, Alexandre Bouet wrote “Morlaix and Quimper, lace crêpes that owe their great renown to their fine and delicate flavor”.

In the nineteenth century, the Russian court, Holland and the Britsh Royal Family adored these delicate crêpes which were transported in boxes cushioned with padding to safeguard their fragility.


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Landscape of Brittany


Here is a delight, all in finesse and delicacy, that we brought back for you from the depths of the Finistère. The lace crêpes are a specialty from Brittany whose recipe remains a very well kept secret.  They offer you the unique flavor of wheat and salted butter with a crisp texture.  Plain or chocolate flavored they will enhance any desert.