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Marrons glacés – Box of 12 or 24 golden pieces


12 units (37,20$) or 24 units (54,35$)

It seems that the recipe for Marron glaçé (sugar coated chestnut) first appeared in Lyon in the 16th century.
It has also been established that the lord of Varennes, who cooked the chestnuts whole with sugar, following a recipe for jam, introduced the Marron glaçé to the court of the French king.

Louis the 14th was so fond of these “marrons glaçés” that the lord of Varennes was soon in his majesty’s good books.
One also finds marrons glaçés in Coni, Italy, at about the same time.
In France, Clément Faugier built the first factory handcrafting marrons glaçés in 1882 in the Ardèche region.

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Marrons glaçés are a very old, traditional and typically French confection which are only at their best when using chestnuts from the Ardèche.

In this region the chestnuts are plumper and sweeter. They are harvested, hand peeled and wrapped in tulle to ensure that they don’t crumble. Then the chestnuts are slowly candied for at least two whole days under the attentive eye of the confectioner in confectioners’ sugar with the best Bourbon vanilla beans.

Afterwards, they remain for a full week in this syrup in order to obtain the perfect balance of flavors and develop the unique combination of tenderness and sweetness that you will find in every mouthful of this candy with its unique character. Finally there is the glazing… the chestnut is coated with syrup and baked.

Traditionally, marrons glaçés are a Christmas delicacy but now Michelin-starred chefs include them in gourmet recipes. They also go wonderfully with champagne at the end of a festive meal.