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Mix of white Nougat


Metal box “Diane de Poytiers” – 200g

In 1555, in his jam recipes book, Nostradamus gives the recipe for a white nougat with almonds called “Pignolat”.

The word “Nougat” was used for the first time in 1595. At the time Nogats and Torrons are made exclusively in Provence and Languedoc. The name Nogat is in use till the begining of the 19th century.

Nougat has been the specialty of the city of Montélimar since 1701. In the early days of the 18th century, Louis Duke of Burgundy, together with Charles Duke of Berry, whilst on their way home from Spain, were offered 100 kilograms of nougat as a welcome gift to the city. A highlight of gastronomy, nougat is one of the 13 traditional Christmas desserts in Provence.

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Lanscape of Provence


The preparation of Nougat starts with sugar and lavender honey being slowly heated “au bain marie” in a copper cauldron. Then the craftsman carefully blends egg whites, whipped to a light mousse, into the mixture. This delicate step is called “fusionnement” which is when lavender honey gives off all its fragrances.

Then comes the time to incorporate almonds and pistachio nuts, which give Nougat its unique flavour and crunchy texture. We have selected for you a master “nougatier” who strictly follows the recipe of the original Nougat as it’s been made in Montélimar for centuries. As an ending to a special meal, or for a gourmet break at any time of the day, indulge in the sun- drenched flavours of the Nougat of Montélimar.

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