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Thick slices of orange « Pâtes de fruits » covered with black chocolate


Box of 32 pieces – 230 gr

In a commune called Madiran in the Pyrenean mountains a priory was created in the eleventh century dedicated to Our Lady.
Nowadays the monastery is located in a bend of the river Arros and visitors cross the river over a wooden bridge.
Five times a day the monks gather in the church to pray together. They also spend time on individual prayers and lectures called Lectio Divina.

For the rest of the day they are involved in the worldly activities of the monastery.One of their duties is working in the confectionery workshop making the famous fruit pastes both plain and covered in chocolate called ‘Paves de l’abbaye’.
These specialities created with patience and passion have appealed to the most demanding gourmets for several generations.
And even now a lot of them still make the journey across the little wooden bridge…

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Abbaye de Tournay


Not all fruits make good candied fruit. The best are: quinces, apricots, apples, citrus and plums.
The best candied fruit is always made with organic fruit. These fruits are slowly reduced to a purée and their aroma is enhanced by a subtle dosage of sugar that preserves them.

This purée is then slowly simmered under the attentive eye of the master confectioner until it becomes a paste, thus insuring that it doesn’t caramelize.

The paste then needs to dry for at least two or three days, during which time it will reveal all its aroma and its deliciously sunny flavor of southern Provence. For the finishing touch, the confectioner rolls the fruit paste in crystalized sugar.
More than a candy, candied fruit is like a little gourmet’s moment of happiness.
It offers you a delicious sweet flavor combined with the crunchiness of the sugar.
Candied fruit is the result of a timeless know-how which combines sweetness and fineness that will bring a touch of luxury to your sweet cravings.